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Still using DrawPlus for vectors…

I should probably use a newer program for drawing vector graphics… I even bought Serif’s amazing looking Affinity designer but haven’t made the switch.

I toyed with colour icons but it looked too messy. I revamped the grey icons to pure black. Some students mentioned about having a ‘dark mode’ too. That’s not going to be high on the priority list but I am keeping in mind having different colour modes for viewing accessibility.

Which reminds me of this tutorial I made for students using Gravit…

HTML Javascript Programming

JS JSON-Editor

This week between school hours and sleeping (can’t believe I’ve been surviving on little sleep this week.) I’ve been rewriting my JS JSON editor. Give it an HTML template (with much more attention paid the UI) and some data and it’ll put it in a form… supporting nested arrays. e.g. in the below, new options and questions will automatically generate as you add data. The form data is converted back to JSON and submitted to the server. Pretty cool and highly flexible… minimises any extra coding required for new forms.

JSON Editor


NCSC CyberFirst

Just a quick post before I keel over from this week’s overexertion.

CyberFirst’s competitions are absolutely fantastic. For the first time I had a team (4 Year 8 girls) through to the semi-finals.

Keep an eye out for next year’s competition. Changes are students will be completely perplexed to begin with, but if they’re keen they’ll soon be tackling the challenges.

I think it was lockdown that spurred them on and gave them the time to do so well. Results from the semi finals will be released on Monday after they’ve figured out the point deductions for teams who continued to solve challenged throughout the mandatory lunch break.

Fingers crossed for the team. They’ve been working independently on this and showing great teamwork.