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Updated Table

I’ve spent these last few days refactoring and improving the table component over at Clickschool. It now renders the data over 20% faster than before and has increased functionality.

The improvements have largely been achieved by removing non-essential elements from the page and completely changing how events are handled when using the keyboard or mouse to navigate the table.

Yes I could have used a pre-made component, but where’s the fun in that? And would it have the functionality I wanted?

The table has editing capabilities (with control over which cells can or can’t be edited), validation and split navigation -just to name a few features.

It’s not supposed to act entirely as a spreadsheet but designed for specific tasks. It is all built from HTML elements but I guess for maximum flexibility you’d probably want to use the canvas.

I’m pretty pleased with it. It does what I need it to do at the moment.


Stingy business model?

If you spent a while making some fantastic assessment materials, then someone else got hold of it and started making money from it, you’d probably be somewhat annoyed.

Yet this is exactly the business model that seems to be cropping up.

One business has this to say (paraphrased) on their web site:

  1. “Teachers upload questions”
  2. “Students take tests”
  3. “We use fancy algorithms to select which questions to ask and re-ask over time” etc

But then they conveniently miss out point number 4:

4. “To make the most of our product, you need to pay. And no, we won’t pay you for the question banks you’ve submitted that we use in our product.”

Seems a little unfair, doesn’t it?


‘Mote’ v ‘Verbal Feedback’

On and off, I’ve been using some form of voice input to speed up giving feedback for years.

In the early days I was using ‘Dragon’ (anyone remember?) to translate voice into text.

Faster broadband now means teachers are leaving recorded messages instead.

‘Mote’ is one such widely advertised tool, costing £39/user/year. So for 50 staff members, this is around £2,000. This company must be raking it in.

Verbal Feedback‘ is an alternative and priced at £200/year.

You do the math!