Just say ‘no’!

Just say ‘no’!

We are taught from a young age to say no to drugs. Should the same be true when asked if you want to do ‘amazing’ CPD training during the holidays? I think so.

There seems to be a disturbing precedence where staff are persistently bombarded with offers of CPD to take place during school holidays.

“Please do it, I’ve got targets to meet” to paraphrase one offer.

“Please do it, you get a bursary worth ££££” (actually the money goes to your school, not to you personally for giving up your time).

“Please do it, the government says every school needs to have at least one person that’s done this CPD and looks good for the government if everyone has done it. I know you are already more than qualified but please do it” (paraphrasing again.).

It seems morally wrong to be throwing money at delivering courses to people who just don’t need to do them. Just let them do the final 18 question multiple choice quiz (that you can retake if you don’t get them all right.) and give them the money rather than having to give up time and jump through hoops.

However if the CPD is also lightly bundled up in some kind of holiday experience that is genuinely fun and interesting then this is another matter entirely. Holidays should be holidays.

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