Computer Science: Ofsted

Computer Science: Ofsted

Having read a lot about Ofsted deep drives in Computer Science…here are some key points to consider when developing the Computer Science curriculum:

  • Intended outcomes are defined and focussed on CS/IT/DL (meet NC requirements), especially programming
  • Prove that students remember & apply key content (i.e. student work/assessments).
  • The curriculum teaches more than what’s assessed (e.g. cultural capital) but not excessively broad
  • Proportionate and appropriate amount of time spent on each activity (with students actually learning rather than randomly experimenting)
  • Appropriately sequenced – if relevant: procedural content / age-appropriate e-safety content. (Declarative content does not need to be sequenced.)

CS = Computer Science. IT = Information Technology. DL = Digital literacy.

NC = National Curriculum

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